2020's Biggest Denim Trends to Try Right Now

It’s only been a month and a half, but 2020 has already gifted us with some of its top trends of the new year, and that includes one of my favorite clothing items: denim. It’s one of the most versatile pieces you can own, so I thought it would be fitting to kick off the new year talking about the biggest denim trends to spice up your closet. I’ve rounded up the best denim looks for 2020 featuring styles from my LC Lauren Conrad Collection. There are so many cute options in this collection for you to wear, so scroll through to see my picks…

2020's Biggest Denim Trends to Try Right Now

Cropped Wide Leg

Wide leg jeans will always have a special place in my heart. They instantly up the chic factor on any outfit you throw on, and are just so comfortable. It’s the pair of pants that’s constantly in my rotation. Consider wide leg jeans your new go-to that can be worn with pretty much anything.

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2020's Biggest Denim Trends to Try Right Now

Flared Denim

Flared denim for the win in 2020. I’ve fully embraced flared jeans and so should you. They elevate any outfit with a bit of fun and a little flare {I had to}. Whether you pair it with a flowy top for a ‘70s vibe or a simple camisole for a fresh everyday look, flared denim jeans always add a little something something.

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2020's Biggest Denim Trends to Try Right Now


I don’t know anyone that doesn’t love a high-rise jean. They’re flattering on practically every body type. Forget worrying about jeans that you constantly have to pull up or re-tuck a shirt in again and again. A nice pair of high-rise denim solves that issue: they’re great for cropped sweaters or a classic French tuck while accentuating your shape and being easy to move around in.

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2020's Biggest Denim Trends to Try Right Now

Mom Jeans

Ah, mom jeans. The denim trend that is here to stay. The denim your own mother wore is back again, and I firmly believe that a comfy and cute pair belongs in every woman’s wardrobe. This loose-fitting, straight leg LC Lauren Conrad pair will definitely make all of your mom jean dreams come true.

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2020's Biggest Denim Trends to Try Right Now


While this last trend isn’t really denim at all, it is still a trend worth noting in any fashionable pants roundup. Imagine a fit like your favorite jeans, but in other luxe and cozy fabrics like velvet and corduroy. So cute, right? Also, having a non-denim option can diversify your wardrobe and help you mix your pieces up.

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What are your favorite 2020 denim trends so far?

Let me know in the comments below!

XO Lauren

Photos: LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s
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