Loved listening to this week’s episode of Asking For A Friend? Valorie Darling, the owner of Valorie Darling Photography, is sharing some tricks to make posing for photographs a lot easier. Whether it’s a quick iPhone snap or a professional session, these ideas will make your next shot your best one. Listen to her episode here and keep reading for her best tips for naturally beautiful photos below… 

9 Posing Tips From A Professional Photographer

Hi there! It’s Valorie Darling, a fashion, lifestyle and wedding photographer. (Many of my photos have been featured on The Little Market and this site, among others.) This week I was Lauren’s guest on her podcast, Asking For A Friend! We talked a lot about how to shoot beautiful photos (always clean your lens!) but I wanted to dive into one of the questions I get asked the most: how do you pose in front of the camera? A lot of people feel intimidated or unnatural when posing for photos, so I’m breaking down a few of my takeaways that I’ve learned over the years to make you feel confident the next time you step in front of the lens. Keep reading to see my full list.…

9 Posing Tips From A Professional Photographer

1. Invest in hair and makeup. 

If you’re doing a photo session for a special occasion, I would recommend going the extra step and investing in professional hair and makeup. You want to look like the most elevated version of yourself, so stick with a look that feels true to your style.

9 Posing Tips From A Professional Photographer

2. Be color conscious. 

Be conscious of how the colors you wear may reflect on your face as well as the surroundings you’re shooting near. A forest can create a green cast onto your skin, just as a bright pop of color, can reflect and pick up on your skin as well. I do tend to recommend lighter colors, but ultimately you should go with whatever makes you feel the most confident (even if that’s something darker). Confidence will show when you’re posing for your photos.

9 Posing Tips From A Professional Photographer

3. You can always turn to your “good side.” 

Don’t worry too much about standing on your “good” side. For a more dynamic shot, turn your back and lean into the group. I actually prefer this to the typical “hugging” shot where everyone’s arms are around each other. Overall, aim for poses that feel more natural and fun, rather than stiff and staged, by looking for new angles and connections.

9 Posing Tips From A Professional Photographer

4. Try to coordinate outfits without completely matching. 

When people ask me what they should wear for family photos, I recommend they create a cohesive color palette without being completely matching. If everyone is wearing the exact same color, everyone kind of blends together in the shot. I’d also recommend making sure only one third of the people in the shot are wearing patterns. If there are too many competing prints, the focus will be on the prints rather than your family’s faces.

9 Posing Tips From A Professional Photographer

5. Have an extra set of hands. 

If you’re taking a photograph with kids or pets, I’d always recommend having someone on hand to help out and help wrangle everyone. The photographer will be busy capturing the shot, and the people in the shot will be trying to pose, so an extra set of hands never hurts.

9 Posing Tips From A Professional Photographer

6. Get close—closer than you think!

Whether you’re posing with family, friends, or your significant other, look for points of connection and get tangled up with the other people in the shot. No one should look like they’re standing on the sidelines, so make sure everyone is very close together. It will make the photos look much more intimate and connected.

9 Posing Tips From A Professional Photographer

7. Try an alternative to the hand on the hip. 

A lot of people like to do a hand on the hip pose to create more space between their arm and their waist, but it can look overly staged. Instead, try finding space in more organic ways. If you’re holding a dress, swing it by your side. If you have a purse, pull it forward. These are all ways of creating a visual “belt” for your waist. For bridesmaids, I always recommend holding your bouquet near your belly button for a pose that’s natural but flattering.

9 Posing Tips From A Professional Photographer

8. Create angles and dimension. 

Whenever you can, create dimensions with your body for a more dynamic shot. I like to add a bend to my knees, or do what I call the “Barbie toe.” Take a slight step and point your toe forward. This elongates the leg and makes the shot a little more visually interesting than when your feet are standing straight next to each other.

9 Posing Tips From A Professional Photographer

9. Get moving. 

If you’re not comfortable in front of the camera, move around. Think of each shot like a Boomerang, instead of holding a smile in one pose. If you need to shake off your nerves, walk around. I like to capture couples walking together right at the start of a session because it makes everyone feel relaxed and at ease.

Above all, be confident going into your shoot. It’s the photographer’s job to capture the best version of you, so have fun, relax, and smile!

Do you all have any other tips for posing? 

Let me know in the comments, and don’t forget to listen to my episode of Asking For A Friend right here.

XO Valorie
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