Don't miss our live chat about The Museum of Heartbreak

So, has everyone finished reading The Museum of Heartbreak yet? If not, you have just a few more hours to read to the end of the book before our live chat this afternoon! We personally couldn’t put it down. And we are pleased to say that we were very satisfied with the ending too. It was the romantic love story we needed while still keeping things realistic and imperfect.

We are so excited to chat on Twitter today with the author herself, Meg Leder. We will be interviewing Meg about the book, and also opening the floor up to you guys to chat with Meg or ask us discussion questions. Our live chat will take place on Twitter today at 1pm PST/4pm EST. Our team will be taking over Lauren’s Twitter account. So starting now, you can tweet us with any of your burning discussion questions, and we will add them to the list for later today! And remember, when you tweet out a question, be sure to use the hashtag #LCbookclub in order for us to see them.

The Museum of Heartbreak - Team LC's recent book club read

To kick things off, we’ll ask our first discussion question: Did you see the twist with Eph’s dad coming? Who did you think the young woman he was at the bookstore with was initially?

Feel free to answer it in the comments, and also leave more questions for @laurenconrad and @megleder here or on Twitter with #LCbookclub!

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who joined in on our live chat! If you missed it, you can catch the transcript below…

XO Team LC

P.S. If you found out about this late, but still want to read the book, you can download or buy it right HERE.

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