Check in with Team LC reading The Museum of Heartbreak

Welcome to our next Book Club Check In for our latest read, The Museum of Heartbreak by Meg Leder! If you’ve been following along, we had you read up to page 141, or to the end of the “Red Cowboy Boots” chapter. We’ve been reading through main character Pen’s collection of items and are left in suspense at our stopping point. If you couldn’t help yourself and ended up reading ahead, that’s OK too (we might have!). Let’s just say that Pen’s relationships have been taking unexpected twists and turns. That being said, we can’t wait to hear what you have to say in response to our discussion questions!

Below you’ll find five questions that we found ourselves asking after reading the first 141 pages in The Museum of Heartbreak. Read them over and then fill in your answers in the comments below. Feel free to answer each other’s questions regarding the book as well! And scroll down to the end of this blog post for details regarding our upcoming live Twitter chat with the author. Let’s get to it…

Reader Questions:

1. Audrey talks to Pen about expanding her social circle. Do you think it’s fair for Audrey to expect Pen to be friends with Cherisse? How would you handle this situation?

2. So, are we team Eph or team Keats? Pen finally snags a date with the hot new guy. But is it love at first sight or excitement over how cute and mysterious he is? Do you think that their date will be a turning point in their relationship?

3. Who do you think will be the first to settle the friend dispute, Pen or Audrey? Why?

4. Pen stops by Eph’s house before they head off to the comic book store. She witnesses an awkward exchange between Eph’s parents that makes her feel uncomfortable and suspicious. What do you think is going on between Eph’s parents?

5. The “Red Cowboy Boots” chapter ends with Pen’s unexpected first kiss. What do you think the kiss meant to both Pen and Eph?

Book Club Check In with Team LC

Our Answers: 

1. Sure, Cherisse may be annoying at times, but we think that Pen needs to be open to meeting new people. Even if Pen doesn’t end up being best friends with Cherisse, she should challenge herself to branch out and be friendly to new acquaintances.

2. Our opinion on Keats may change once we see how their relationship evolves. We get the obsession over the “hot new guy in town,” but it’s always a cute love story when BFFs end up together! We wouldn’t be mad if something happened between Pen and Eph.

3. We can tell that their strained relationship is wearing on Pen. She’s constantly wanting to text Audrey to update her on big moments in her life. Pen probably needs to be the one to settle their friendship dispute because she’s being the stubborn one in this situation. Pen needs to be more open-minded about their friendship and bringing new people into their social circle.

4. It’s pretty clear that Pen witnessed something deeper than just an argument between Eph’s parents. We think that Eph’s mom must be really heated over the fact that his dad has been working late, or that something else big is happening beneath the surface.

5. We were so surprised when Eph volunteered to be Pen’s first kiss! After he pulls away it’s obvious that he thought that the kiss was something special. We were disappointed when Pen ruined the moment by saying something that upset Eph. We’re hoping that this is the beginning of something good between them instead of potentially driving them apart.

Now it’s your turn to answer the discussion questions! Make sure to leave your responses in the comments below and feel free to get the conversation going with your fellow readers!

You are now free to finish reading the rest of The Museum of Heartbreak! Mark your calendars because we will be holding our live Twitter chat with the author for the entire book on Wednesday, July 27th at 1pm PST. We can’t wait to answer all of your questions!

XO Team LC

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