In honor of New York Fashion Week we thought it would be fun to share 6 fun facts about this major week of style that every fashionista ought to know…
  1. It was Press Week. Fashion Week was originally called “Press Week” since it was when designers showed off their newest fashions to journalists.
  2. The Big Four. Fashion Week kicks off in New York City, then it heads to London, Milan, and finally Paris (in that order). These cities are known as “The Big Four” in the fashion world.
  3. Fashion Week didn’t start in Paris. Believe it or not, Fashion Week originated in New York City. The first Fashion Week took place the early 1940s.
  4. It happens twice a year. Fashion Week occurs twice a year: Once in the spring and once in the fall. Spring shows feature the upcoming fall fashions, while fall shows reveal what’s in store for the following spring.
  5. Shows are not slow. The average fashion show is only about 10 minutes long!
  6. You cannot buy tickets to Fashion Week. Aside from a handful of shows, in most cases you cannot buy a ticket to Fashion Week. Typically only industry professionals such as stylists, buyers, high-profile bloggers, editors, and journalists are invited.
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XO Team LC