Tuesday Ten: Pretty Pumpkin Ideas

Last year I shared 10 of my favorite pumpkin decor ideas so I thought I would follow suit this year and share 10 more creative decorating ideas with you! The following selections are my favorite ideas that I’ve found online over the past year. The best thing about all of these pumpkin projects is that they are simple and do not require any serious cutting. Check them out and be sure to let me know which one is your favorite in the comments below:

1. Melted. Take a cue from my DIY Crayon Art video and give your pumpkin a melted look like the folks over at The Swell Life.

2. Gilded. Spray a clean pumpkin with adhesive and then lay over gold leaf foil (or even aluminum foil) and press foil into creases using your hands or a paintbrush just as the team at Chatelaine did above.

3. Decoupaged. Adhere tissue (or real) leaves to your pumpkin using decoupage glue for an autumn-approved dash of decor like this pumpkin from Good Housekeeping.

4. Monogrammed. Paint your pumpkin with your initials for a personalized yet festive finish like The Butlers did.

5. Zigzagged. Get creative and give your pumpkin a colorful facelift. I particularly loved these chevron pumpkins by My Sweet Savannah. So sweet!

6. Silhouetted. Give your pumpkin a personalized touch by painting (or cutting) on your silhouette like the above pumpkin by HGTV. Doesn’t this remind you of the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland?

7. Color Blocked. Pick up three or more pumpkins to group together and paint each pumpkin a festive color. (Another winner from Chatelaine!)

8. Sugarcoated. Let your pumpkins glisten by brushing them with acrylic paint and then sprinkling them with iridescent sparkles as seen on A Field Journal.

9. Crocheted. Give your gourd a lovely makeover by pasting crocheted doilies over its surface like Mitzi’s Miscellany.

10. Ombre’d. I love all of the pumpkins on Funkytime, especially this ombre version. It’s a fun twist on a traditional holiday staple.

Which pumpkin is your favorite?

Also, if you’ve made a masterful pumpkin that you’re proud of, be sure to share a photo of it in the comments below!

XO Lauren


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