I am thrilled to announce the first winner of my Halloween DIY Costume Contest! Congrats to LaurenConrad.com member Breanna Filson who submitted a super cute DIY Jack-in-the-Box costume. Breanna will be among the first to receive a personalized signed copy of my new book, Lauren Conrad Beauty. Thank you to everyone that entered this contest and please keep the submissions coming. In the meantime, let’s welcome Breanna and her fabulous costume tutorial… Enjoy!

XO Lauren

Jack-in-the-Box Costume

Halloween DIY: Jack-in-the-Box Costume

Hi everyone, it’s Breanna. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays of the year because you get to go all out crafting and putting together an outrageous outfit you can’t wear any other time of year & then celebrate with all your friends! I love original Halloween costumes and seeing the creative ideas my friends come up with each year and how they put them together. This was the costume I put together last year that was so fun, easy to do, and very inexpensive!



  • A cardboard box (I got mine from the local wine shop and brought back the ladies that helped me a finished photo! Most stores have extra boxes to give away.)
  • Acrylic paint & brushes
  • Thin Ribbon (I chose a shiny silver ribbon but clear or finishing line would work if you didn’t want to see it holding up the box!)
  • A wire
  • Styrofoam ball
  • Glue gun


  • Several fun, bright colored ribbons (wide, about 3″)
  • Thinner bright, fun ribbon! (Have fun with color and pattern!)
  • Small hat (I chose a miniature top hat—but you can chose any fun party hat!)
  • Fun makeup
  • Crazy lashes! (What girl doesn’t want to wear those on Halloween?)

Costume Base pieces:

  • A solid tube top or corset top
  • Solid black shorts or tutu skirt (I chose the tutu skirt for under my box)
  • Your favorite heels



Halloween DIY: Jack-in-the-Box Costume
Step 1, Creating the Box: Cut all the bottom flaps off of your box as well as the top flaps except one (that’s your Jack-in-the-Box “lid”). Paint the box white as a primer to cover any words or graphics, and then paint a fun colored design on each side! Once the paint is dry, poke one end of the wire into a painted Styrofoam ball and the other into the box and hot glue into place. Bend the wire into a shape that looks like the “crank” for your Jack-in-the-box.

Halloween DIY: Jack-in-the-Box Costume
Halloween DIY: Jack-in-the-Box Costume

Halloween DIY: Jack-in-the-Box Costume
Step 2, Creating the Accessories: Take the wide ribbon and hot glue it in a ruffled fashion and use the thinner ribbon to create a frilly wristband. Repeat for the other wrist. Use the smaller ribbon and tie it in a bow on each wrist. I made bows using 2 of the ribbons together and decorated my shoes, miniature top hat, and made a bow tie. I also used the ribbon to create a frilly trim for my corset top! But be creative and deck out your costume in lots of fun patterned ribbon!

Halloween DIY: Jack-in-the-Box Costume
Step 3, Creating the Make up: Use fun bright colors on your eyes and lips that compliment the colors on your costume! I chose some bright greens and blues. To add to the look I used fun sparkly eyelashes!

Halloween DIY: Jack-in-the-Box Costume
Step 4, Putting it all together: Once all your accessories are completed and your make up is looking great, it’s time to put on your costume basics and step into your box! I attached the thin (almost invisible) silver ribbon to the box with hot glue in a “suspender” like way. I attached 2 pieces to the front of the box, crossed them behind me, and then glued the other ends to the back of the box where my “lid flap” was (so that the lid flap still hangs free behind you). And voila! You’re a cute Jack-in-the-Box ready to hit the town with your friends! (The photo below is with 2 of my other DIY Costumer Friends-Dressed as Daisy Duck & Cat in the Hat!)


Are you going to give this costume a try? What are you thinking of dressing up as this Halloween?

For more Halloween fun, click the photo below!








Photos: Breanna Filson

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