Gallery Spotlight: Our Fab Members

One thing is certain during the summer months: It’s time to unwind, relax and enjoy the warm summer days. Our favorite ways to beat the heat is at the beach, in the pool, or at a barbeque just hanging out with friends. But when we have reached our quota for too much vitamin-d, we love cooling off inside and checking out what our lovely readers are up to during their leisurely summer days! If you haven’t viewed the Gallery recently, you really should take a peek because our reader’s summer inspirations are shining bright.

For those of you who are not familiar with the Gallery, it is a collection of member submitted photos, videos and delicious recipes, which is curated by us (the team!). If you would like to have your personal summer-fun photos, recipes or videos featured, be sure to check out the blog on how to use the Gallery, click here!

Here is our early-summer member hall of fame…

We love Kristen Michelle‘s LC Lauren Conrad white flowing maxi:

And Rachel Trampel‘s breezy bright patterned top is the perfect addition to our summer work attire:
We adore your topknot, Alexandra Vavrdova! So ideal for hot, sticky “I-want-to-shave-my-head-it’s-so-hot days.” (Or is that just us?)
Stacy Nguyen‘s manicure is a must-try… Can you say obsessed? Funny enough, we’ve actually featured some of Stacy’s other seriously amazing manis on the site before. Click here to check them out and be prepared to get inspired.
Lacy Rose created the sweetest cupcakes to celebrate graduation season! She is quite the baker!
And Liz Ashbaugh‘s firework marshmallow pops are just beyond… They remind us of Lauren’s Sprinkles on a Stick!
Beverly Frazier clearly loves the beach as much as we do. Is it 5 o’clock yet?
And Syl‘s photo of Menorca inspires us to pack up for a summer getaway! Like now.
Last but not least, how beautiful are Danielle Tamburilla‘s blooming beauties? This kind of makes us want to give Lauren’s lovely peony bouquet tutorial a try…
We want to thank everyone that uploaded goodies to the Gallery. You guys are TOO amazing–SO creative, and obviously BEYOND chic.

Now, remember to upload and submit your photos and videos to the Gallery as well as take a look in the Gallery too!

Which photo are you most inspired by?

XO Team

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