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Summer time should be a happy time with sunshine, warm nights, and a new wardrobe of color. But it can also be the dreaded season of bikini shopping and allergy attacks. Don’t avoid the outdoors any longer: Improve your health and secure your summer bod with Kaeng Raeng cleanse!

Kaeng Raeng is an all natural, meal replacement cleanse program that helps jumpstart weight loss, improve digestion, cut cravings, relieve allergies, and give your skin a natural vegan glow. Just drink one meal replacement pouch 3 times per day for 3-6 days. The best part? You can eat as many raw fruits and veggies as you want! KR contains no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives, and no laxatives or stimulants.

Want to know more? Hear from founder and CEO Lindsay Reinsmith on the creating of Kaeng Raeng:

When I formulated Kaeng Raeng, I wanted to maintain the principles of a raw vegan diet, but in a form that was convenient and easy for everyone. I had some serious criteria for Kaeng Raeng, and I know you’ll love the finished product.

It had to be simple: So many cleanse programs are completely impractical, whether they require fasting, contain harsh laxatives, have long commitments and complicated instructions, or cost $100/day. We know that’s not for everyone, which is why we created a simple meal replacement system starting at $17/day. No pills, no starving, no headache.

It had to taste good! I personally created Kaeng Raeng as something I would like to drink, and I’m pretty picky! We use more than a full serving of real fruit in each pouch with no added sugars or flavors so it’s got a natural, simple taste.

It had to be good for you and the environment: Kaeng Raeng is 100% vegan and is the only cleanse endorsed by animal rights activist and best-selling Skinny Bitch author Kim Barnouin. Each pouch contains a serving of fruit, fiber, 15g of lean protein, 2 billion live probiotic cultures, and daily vitamins. We source all of our ingredients from local farmers and use environmentally friendly practices to bring healthy living right to your doorstep.

I had to be made with YOU in mind: No two people are going to do a cleanse program the same, which is why KR is customizable for your specific goals and needs. Choose Beginner (for first time users), Veteran (for those having done at least one cleanse, or vegetarians), or Master (for experienced cleansers and health nuts). KR is also completely vegan (dairy free), gluten free, caffeine free, and peanut free.

As a small business, we’re dedicated to helping our customers get healthy in a safe and natural way. I personally use Kaeng Raeng every year to alleviate my allergies and jumpstart a healthier summer. Check out this video about Kaeng Raeng, or watch our full length commercial here.

Want to win one?

Our last giveaway was so successful, we decided to do it again! Just comment why YOU want to try a vegan cleanse by midnight tonight and you’ll be entered to win a free 3-Day Beginner program.

Can’t wait? Use code LAUREN15 for 15% off at Offer good through May 21 at 5:59PM PST.

KR ships anywhere in the US and several countries worldwide! It’s also available at select Whole Foods Market stores in the US. Check with your local store for availability.

If you want to get beautiful on the outside, you’ve got to get healthy on the inside. Try Kaeng Raeng today!

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