The first winner of my DIY Halloween Costume Guest Blogger Series is… Laura Pifer! Congrats Laura! I loved your Carrie Bradshaw costume tutorial. It’s spot-on and oh-so-chic. Thank you to everyone that entered the contest. I had a blast reviewing all of your entries. They were all fabulous and picking three was not an easy task. Needless to say, I think all of you will be pleased with the three winners I have selected…

Without further ado, here is Laura’s Carrie Bradshaw costume tutorial on how to make Carrie’s iconic Sex & the City tutu skirt. Enjoy!

XO Lauren

“People had reservations about the tutu in the opening sequence,” Sarah Jessica Parker told EW in 2003. But she and costume designer Patricia Field “stuck to [their] guns.” And so it was that even before her first scene, Carrie Bradshaw and her $5 vintage tulle skirt became an instant fashion classic. Fittingly, the tutu, from Parker’s personal collection, makes a cameo in the movie.”



  • liner, such as a vintage slip (you can easily recycle and use a vintage slip from any thrift store; 2$ is the most they should cost)
  • 3-6 yards of white tulle depending on the fullness you want
  • white satin ribbon (2 yards)
  • light pink tank (Old Navy has perfect ones for $5)
  • sewing machine (needle and thread)


1. Start by ironing even lines into the slip for the layers.


2. Roll out tulle and fold into an even tube (best way to cut tulle evenly).


3. Measure the layers from the slip. (I usually go about 3-4 inches below the lines.) The bottom should be shorter. Mine was about 6 inches.


4. Cut the tube of tulle in even strips according to measurements in the previous step.


5. Gather each cut tube of tulle into ruffles with a sewing machine.


6. Topstitch around each ironed line with the ruffled tulle. If you want more fullness, just add layers.


7. Attach the ribbon by topstitching along the waistline. Make sure you leave enough slack on the ribbon so you can tie the ribbon into a bow.


8. Add the pink tank…and you’re Carrie Bradshaw!



XO Laura

P.S. Be sure to check out Laura’s amazing blog Trash to Couture where she transforms old rags to beautifully crafted “couture” worthy pieces. And she sews everything herself. How’s that for talent? Thanks again Laura! XO Lauren

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